Birthday Cake

Tempo Music Cards’ First Birthday

July 26 will be Tempo Music Card’s Birthday so we figured it would be good to celebrate by sharing the 10 most popular lessons/articles/features on this site in the last year. There are many more lessons than the ones listed below; however these were the most requested and popular. So have a read through and enjoy!

July 2010 – Proper Way to Hold the Guitar (Video Lesson)

26 July 2010 – The 50 Essential Chords Pack was released and available at the online store

August 2010 – 10 Steps to Playing Any Chord

October 2010 – When You Shouldn’t Practice Guitar

November 2010 – Writing a Basic Song on Guitar

February 2011 – Memorize 50 Chords in 10 Minutes a Day

March 2011 – Blog section created

March 2011 – What to Buy When Starting to Learn Guitar

March 2011 – Understanding Chord Formulas and the Major Scale

May 2011 – A Guitar Flash Card Game to Write Chord Progressions and Overcome Writer’s Block

26 July 2011 – Tempo Music Card’s Birthday (including a special surprise)

Birthday Cake

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