Holding the guitar the right way

This lesson will show you the right and wrong way to hold your guitar. If you are just starting out, this is essential. Holding the guitar the wrong way can be deadly to your playing so make sure you take note on this lesson.

Learning your first chords (10 steps to playing any chord)

This lesson will give you a very simple 10 step method to learn and practice any chord. Use this method in combination with your 50 Essential Open Chords Pack to get the best results in your playing.

Simple exercises for beginners – Stretch Part One

Finger exercises can do wonders to your playing. From helping your hand stretch out for those tough chords to building up strength to play lightning fast runs, finger exercises are a must for any player. This lesson will show you two exercises designed to stretch your fingers out.

Practicing with a metronome: Basics 1

This lesson explains the absolute basics on how to play along with a metronome. You will learn how to count in time and learn a very useful exercise to help you build up your sense of rhythm as well as stretch your fingers out. More metronome lessons will come soon.

Writing a basic song – Part 1: Chord Progressions

If you want to learn how to write songs on guitar, this lesson will give you a very basic introduction. This part will show you how chords work together to give the song certain moods and how to listen to the progressions and change chords to make it sound better.

Learn and memorize chords faster

This lesson will teach you how to use a couple very simple mnemonic devices to learn and memorize guitar chords faster. The approach is so simple yet it will have dramatic results on how fast you learn.

Playing chords with a capo

Learning to play with a capo is a very easy way to learn new chords and come up with new fresh sounding chord progressions. This simple lesson will explain why you should buy one and try it out.

How to memorize 50 open chords in 10 minutes a day

This lesson explains a very simple yet effective method to memorize 50 chords in 10 minutes practice a day. This will be very helpful for anybody just starting to learn guitar chords. Included is a PDF instruction sheet you can print out and keep with you for a quick step by step reference.

Understanding guitar chord formulas and the major scale

This lesson explains the theory behind the major scale as well as chord formulas. With examples and exercises, you can learn how to figure out any chord with it’s formula. This is an excellent skill that everybody should learn.

Working out chords in a Key

If you want to be able to jam with other musicians, write your own songs, learn to figure out songs by ear or even something as simple as creating a good sounding chord progression, you need to understand how to figure out which chords form part of a Key. This lesson will give you a very simple explanation on how to do just that.

Create your own rhythm and strumming patterns

This lesson will teach you how to come up with your own rhythm patterns that you can use in so many different ways. As well as teach you how to understand rhythm, this lesson will explain how you can write down your ideas. Included is a blank rhythm sheet you can print out to start writing ideas down now.

Learn to write your own Guitar TAB

Once you can read TAB the next step is to write your own TAB for song ideas and any licks or riffs you may come up with. Being able to write down your guitar parts is a great way to make sure you don’t forget them. This lesson will explain the basics on what you need to remember to write your own TAB. Included is a blank Guitar TAB sheet you can print out to get started.

Simple exercises for beginners – Stretch Part Two

These exercises will help you stretch your fingers out to make it easier to play chords. The exercises will also help you improve your transitions between chord shapes. The exercises are simple to play and very effective.

Seven different ways to play chord progressions

This lesson looks at seven different options you could use when playing chord progressions. Simply strumming chords is the ‘default’ option for guitarists. Learning how to play chords in fresh ways can dramatically change how you sound as a guitarist.

Extend basic open chords across the fretboard

Learn how you can find new positions for chords you already know. This will help build your chord vocabulary as well as  help you with improvising.

7 things you can do today to change your playing forever

This lesson will give you seven different challenges to improve your playing. Each one gives you a completely different way to improve and are guaranteed to dramatically change the way you play and how you think about guitar.

The best way to memorize chords on guitar

This lesson looks at how our memory works to come up with a method you can follow to memorize chords faster and easier.

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