These articles are different to the lessons on this site. While the lessons give you step by step instruction, the articles give you ‘food for thought’ on a range of topics. The content in these articles are very important to your development as a guitarist. Take your time reading these and really think on how you can use the ideas in your playing.

Five core tips to get the most out of your practice sessions

This article explains five areas you should work on in every one of your practice sessions. Many beginners will neglect some areas (without knowing that they’re important) and struggle to improve because of it. Read this article to make sure you’re practicing the right way.

Times when you shouldn’t practice guitar

This article explains the times when it is best to not practice guitar. Many people think that the most practice you can get the better. This is wrong. You need to get ‘quality’ practice not ‘quantity’. Some times it is best not to practice.

Mastering techniques

This article will explain a basic guideline you can use to learn and master any technique. It will explain how you can use exercises, backing tracks, improvising and more to develop your skills technically and musically. A detailed example will give you an idea of how you should learn techniques.

Ideas for your practice sessions

Learning guitar is hard – especially when you don’t know what to practice! This article will give you a few ideas on things you might want to consider practicing. These are ideas you may not have thought of on your own.

Top 5 Bad Habits you need to avoid when learning guitar

Being a self-taught guitarist is hard enough without having to worry about bad habits. Without a teacher guiding you it can be tough to impossible to notice the early signs of bad habits developing. This article will explain five bad habits to watch out for and how to completely avoid them.

What to buy when starting guitar

So you have decided to learn guitar. What do you need to get started? What are the things you need to buy? This article will explain the basics on what you will need and why. It’s a quick and easy summary on the gear and tools you will need to get started.

Should you learn on an electric or acoustic guitar?

Choosing the right type of guitar to learn on can be the difference between giving up in frustration and having a successful learning experience. This article explains the basic points you should consider when deciding to purchase your first guitar.

How to use tools and resources to teach yourself guitar

Learning on your own can be tough – especially because you don’t have a tutor looking over you to check your development. Using learning tools and resources can make a big difference to how easy it is for you to learn guitar. This article will help explain why they are so important.

Beginner guitarist buyer’s guide

If you have just decided to start learning guitar or have just started, this basic guide will explain all the gear you will need to start off. The first few weeks learning guitar is possibly the hardest so make sure you start out on the right foot by having all the necessary items.

How to practice guitar effectively

Learn how to get more out of your practice and how to avoid the most common mistakes guitarists make when practicing. Includes plenty of easy tips to remember to practice smarter – not harder.