Learning guitar from a pack of cards?

You’ve probably come to this website and are a bit unsure on how you can learn guitar with a pack of cards, so here’s a little bit of information comparing learning chords from a book and from a pack of cards.

Learning with a book

There is no doubt that learning guitar with one of the many books published is an effective way to do it. You have probably even seen many guitar books with a large table at the end filled with chords. So if you’re thinking to yourself “I can just learn chords from that” here’s a couple reasons why many beginners don’t end up learning many chords from those tables.

1. It looks overwhelming. Pick up one of those books and turn to the chords table and you will come across 20-30 chords staring back at you per page. It can be pretty daunting. Many students have complained to tutors saying something like “how am I suppose to learn that many chords?”. It isn’t that hard to learn a lot of chords, but the method books display them make it seem almost impossible.

2. There’s no flexibility. Unlike a pack of cards, you can’t do much with a page of chords. Everybody learns differently so you need the freedom to learn chords however you want. There is nothing inspiring or motivating with a large grid of chord diagrams.

Learning from a pack of cards

Learning chords from a pack of cards overcomes these major problems the same way children learn basic words and math problems with educational flash cards. It has been proven time and time again to be very effective at teaching students a large number of chords.

1. You choose how you want to learn. Do you learn best by focusing on one thing at a time? Or do you prefer to create games to help you memorize a large volume of information? A pack of cards allows you to choose how you want to learn. Unlike a grid in a book, a pack of cards is completely open to your needs.

2. You can take baby steps. Rather than freaking out at seeing how many chords are possible like most books display them, you have one card at a time to work through. This is a huge benefit. Learn one chord every week and by the end of the year you will know over 50 chords. Breaking a large number down into bite sized pieces can do wonders to your learning.

3. You can learn anywhere and anytime. Most of the time it is impractical to carry around a guitar book for you to study the chord shapes and names. With a pack of cards you can improve your chord knowledge without having a guitar with you. This means you are free to learn chords on the train, bus, waiting rooms, lunch breaks, etc. Your mind can learn the chord shapes faster this way.

Basically it is up to you however you learn guitar. Think of these packs of cards as an effective tool to help you. Not everybody can learn effectively from guitar books so if you want to choose how you learn guitar, these cards will allow you to do that – and if you ever get stuck, this website is here to help.

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