50 Essential Chords Pack

Easily learn 50 basic open guitar chords with guitar flash cards

Learning guitar on your own can be tough if you don’t have the right resources. The 50 Essential Chords Flash Cards Pack with the free 30 Day Guide (eBook) will teach you 50 easy chords using lessons, advice, tips, diagrams and exercises to help you learn faster and easier.

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A faster way to learn using guitar flash cardsFlash cards to teach 50 essential guitar chords

Flash Cards have been successfully used for decades in the education of language, math, geometry and other areas. College and University students use flash cards to prepare and study for exams with amazing increases in memory.

The same tool can help you learn and memorize guitar chords.

Guitar flash cards are effective because they are:

  • Flexible: you can choose how you use the cards
  • Focused: you can focus your attention on one card at a time
  • Entertaining: You can play and create your own memory games
  • Portable: Take your cards with you to study anywhere and anytime

Step-by-step lessons, exercises and practice plans to save you time and money

Included with the guitar flash cards is a free eBook which will help you:

  • Have efficient practice sessions that are focused and short so you learn faster
  • Understand the chords so you can use them in your own songs and jams
  • Learn the chords with step-by-step instructions to make learning as easy as possible
  • Use effective exercises specifically designed to build your skill level
  • Learn 50 basic open chords which is more than the average guitarist knows
  • Write basic chord progressions that are good enough to turn into songs

30 Day Guide eBook

What’s in the free eBook?

The 30 Day Guide included as a digital download with the Guitar Flash Cards Pack is split into three sections filled with valuable lessons, exercises and practice plans.
Part One contains nine lessons that will teach you:

  • How to read the flash cards, chord diagrams and Guitar TAB diagrams
  • How to get the most out of your guitar flash cards
  • How to practice without a guitar
  • Mini-games and tips to learn in new ways
  • How to use chord shapes to memorize the chords faster
  • A 10 Minute Practice Plan you can use as a road-map for your practice sessions
  • How to work out Chord Formulas and the Major Scale
  • How to figure out what chords fit into any Key
  • Using a capo to turn 50 chords into 500

Part Two contains a detailed 30 Day Practice Plan. Every day in the plan contains:

  • Specific exercises designed to help you focus on the chords in different ways
  • Suggested practice lengths to ensure you practice efficiently
  • Suggested chords to focus on that start with the easiest and work towards the hardest

Part Three contains useful Print-Outs that you can use again and again to build your skills and knowledge

  • 16 exercises specifically designed for the 30 Day Practice Plan
  • The 10 Minute Practice Plan Road-map
  • Blank TAB Sheet
  • Blank Rhythm Sheet
All this content is available to you for free with your guitar flash cards pack.

30 Days of lessons and exercises30 Day Guide included with Flash Cards

The 30 Day Guide is like a virtual tutor to coach you through the chords using effective exercises and practice plans. The 30 Day Practice Plan has been used by many students to learn guitar on their own without any help of an actual tutor.

Learning all the material in the eBook along with all 50 chords with a teacher can literally cost hundreds of dollars over several months. This package can teach you all the above for the price lower than one single lesson.

Only available online now

The 50 Essential Chords Pack is available in Australia for $19.99. While you wait for your pack to arrive you can download the free 30 Day Guide instantly to read through the lessons and prepare to use the 30 Day Practice Plan.

Get a head-start on your guitar playing. Get your Guitar Flash Cards Pack and the free 30 Day Guide Digital Download now.

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