Guitar FAQ: Should you learn on an electric or acoustic guitar?

This is a question most beginners will face when deciding to start learning guitar (unless of course somebody already bought you a guitar). Choosing the right type of guitar can be the difference between giving up in frustration and having a successful learning experience. The link to the article below discusses in detail the points you need to consider when purchasing your first guitar to ensure you choose the right one.

Access the article ‘Should you learn on an electric or acoustic guitar’ here

There is no one answer for everybody so while on answer will be right for one person, it won’t be the best choice for another person. If anybody ever says something like “everybody should start learning on x type of guitar” remember that everybody learns differently and has different needs. For some people it is best to start on an electric guitar while others will benefit more by starting on a nylon string acoustic. It isn’t a simple choice as many people believe so take your time on this important purchase to ensure you choose the right one.

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