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Special Offer on Guitar Flash Cards & eBook Bundle

Thanks to popular demand on the Flash Cards Pack & 30 Day Guide Bundle, we have reduced the price from $15.99 (+$4.99 postage) to $12.99.

The brand new 30 Day Guide was released to celebrate Tempo Music Cards’ first birthday and it contains a stack of resources to help you get the most out of the flash cards. The Guide contains:

  • 9 detailed lessons on how to get the most out of the cards
  • 16 exercises specifically designed and chosen to help you with the cards
  • A 30 Day Practice Plan you can use to learn all 50 chords within 30 days
  • Printouts to help you in future development

Read more on the 50 Essential Chords Pack here then stop by theĀ online store to get your hands on a pack before the free shipping offer ends.

Click here to purchase this package

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