Licks and riffs – Improve your playing one lick at a time

Today we will start a new feature on the site to help you think outside of the box and grow as a guitarist. This new series of mini lessons is called ‘licks and riffs‘. As the name suggests, each post will contain a short lick or riff designed to get you thinking about a certain technique or concept.

Unlike other licks and riffs you would find on other sites, some of these licks won’t beĀ usableĀ in your playing. The whole point of all of these licks and riffs is to really get you thinking about music rather than just churning out licks in your playing. In other words these licks will force you to think about why certain notes work when jamming and why others don’t. As a result you will become a better player because you will really understand how to put together original licks that will work.

The best way to stay up to date with new licks and riffs is to like our Facebook page here or follow us on Twitter. Every time a new lick or riff is released we will let you know.

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