Guitar Quiz: March 2012

This month’s quiz focuses on chord construction. Understanding which notes form which chords is a valuable skill to possess. Understanding the construction of chords will help your improvisation skills as well as help you come up with more interesting sounding progressions.

If you have trouble with some of the questions, it might pay to brush up on some theory by reading our lessons here or grab a pack of our flash cards so you can fully understand the chords you play.

There are 8 questions in this quiz. Good luck!

The notes in the chord D Major are D F# A. What extra note needs to be added to play D7?

The chord A Major uses the notes A C# E, which of the three notes do we need to replace with B to form Asus2?

E Major uses the notes E G# B, what will the three notes be if we change this to play Esus4?

What chord is formed from the notes A C E G?

What four notes do you need to play Gadd9?

If you add a F# to the notes E G# B, what chord do you end up with?

What chord do you end up with if you replace the F# with G in the chord D Major?

What two notes do you need to add to D Major to form D9?

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