Guitar blogs worth checking out:

There are so many quality guitar blogs out there that people need to hear about. Even if one site has lessons and resources on every topic you need, you should always read through other blogs as every writer will explain things in different ways. You could say it’s like having 50 different tutors help you learn guitar.

Therefore I think it would be helpful for readers if I write up if I come across a blog worth checking out. The blog I would like to mention this week is

A wide variety of lessons and tips are constantly posted to the site so it’s a good one you can come back to again and again to learn something new. In the past Gary has interviewed me on practice habits (you can read this interview here) as well as other guitarists. Interviews like these are well worth the read as you will often gain valuable insights into how other players think.

Have a read through the posts and you will be sure to find quality insights to help your development.

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