Video Lessons

You can stay up to date with video lessons through Tempo Music Cards’ YouTube channel.

Holding a guitar the proper way

Holding the guitar the right way is so important for anybody starting out. So check out this short lesson on how to hold it the right way.

How to play your first open chord

If you are just starting out on guitar, you might not be sure on what to learn. Learning some basic open chords is a great starting point that can get you playing popular songs straight away. Check this lesson out to learn your first open chord.

How to practice open chords – Part 1

It can be a bit overwhelming when you see how many chords there are on guitar. This lesson will walk through how to practice chords with a very effective method.

Basic finger exercises for beginners: Stretch! – Part 1

Ever had pain in your fingertips when trying to play a chord or struggled to stretch out far enough to play a chord properly? Don’t worry because everybody starts out this way. The exercises in this lesson will help you build up strength in your fingers that will allow you to play all the basic chords.

How to practice chords with a metronome *NEW*

Whether you are just starting to learn guitar or have been playing for a while, practicing with a metronome will help you learn faster and build up your sense of rhythm. This lesson will explain the basics of practicing basic open chords along with a metronome.