Teach guitar? Use flash cards to enhance your lessons

If you’re a guitar teacher, one of the most important aspects when teaching is looking at effective ways to reinforce your student’s knowledge. Every student learns differently and therefore you need different tools and resources to help your student learn. Using flash cards can be a great way to reinforce a student’s chord knowledge and can provide fresh ways to enhance your lessons.

As a tutor, you can use guitar flash cards in quite a few ways. For example, you can:

  • Give your student 3 new cards every week for them to study
  • Play memory games with your student (great with children)
  • Use them to explain chord progressions, keys and scales
  • Practice strumming between chords by changing chord combinations

The best reason why you should use flash cards in your lessons is simple: you can choose how to use them. Flash cards are extremely flexible and can be used in any way you want. You can still have full control over your lessons as well as providing a fresh way to teach your students. Not to mention students love it when they get to keep their own pack of flash cards.

You can read more on our flash cards here.

Guitar sites worth checking out: liveteachguitar.com

This guitar related site is different to the other links we have posted here in the past. Live and Teach Guitar is a site for guitar tutors and provides registered members with lesson materials ready to print and give to their students. The site also includes step by step guides to help you run every aspect of teaching from setting up a website to promote your lessons to setting your rates and managing your timetable.

The reason we have decided to include a link to the site here is that many of you may or may not have considered teaching guitar. The truth is anybody can teach guitar and you don’t need to be an expert to get started. Apart from the obvious benefit of teaching guitar, earning money, you will find that by explaining and demonstrating techniques to students, you will become a better player.

So if you want to give teaching a go, a site like www.liveteachguitar.com is a handy companion. One of the writers here is a registered member and recommends the site for anybody thinking about teaching.