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If you like the lessons available on Tempo Music Cards, you can stay up to date with new lessons and articles easily using Facebook.

Simply visit our Facebook Page here and click like. You will then receive notifications of new lessons and articles in your Facebook feed.

Tempo Music Cards' Facebook Page

Tempo Music Cards on Facebook

If you like any lesson or article and want to read it again later on, a handy way to keep track of it is by clicking the ‘like’ button at the very bottom of every lesson page. Then you can always find the link to the lesson in Facebook when you want to read the lesson again.


Other ways to keep track with new lessons and articles

If you don’t use Facebook, there are plenty of other ways to keep up to date.

We’re on Twitter so feel free to follow us: @tempomusiccards

On Twitter we keep our followers up to date with new lessons, but we also tweet useful links.

Aaron Matthies (who writes the lessons) is also active on Yahoo Answers and helps out beginners with their questions so if you get stuck with anything, you can either post a question to Yahoo Answers or feel free to ask on our Facebook Page.

If you prefer you can stay up to date using our RSS feed. If you don’t know what that means don’t worry.

Finally you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter which will send you one email per month covering all the lessons and articles. Subscribe by entering your email address in the top right of the page under the ‘Tempo Music Cards Newsletter’ heading.