August 2012 Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of chord progressions and keys. If you have trouble answering the questions, try using the following resources:

Once you learn how to figure out the answers to questions like these, you will be able to write songs and jam with other musicians a lot quicker and easier.

Explanations for each question will be provided at the end with your results.

Take the Quiz below

Which chord progression would work in the key of G Major?

If somebody wants to jam with you in the key of E, which chord progression could you use?

You just came up with this chord progression - Gm, Bb, Dm, F - what key is it in?

Sam came up with a chord progression - C Em D G - and thinks the key is C Major. Which chord doesn't fit in the key of C Major?

A friend of yours was trying to write a song in the key of A but feels that one of the chords doesn't sound right. The chord progression is F#m, A, Em, Bm. Which chord is causing the problem?