How to write your own Guitar TAB for your song ideas and riffs

Being able to read Guitar TAB is obviously a crucial skill to every guitarist. But some people don’t consider how important it is to learn to write TAB as well. Learning to write your own TAB is very simple and will help you out in a few different ways.

Writing your own TAB can help you:

  • Write down any song ideas
  • Ensure you don’t forget any riff or lick ideas you come up with
  • Transcribe songs
  • Write full songs to give to other players to learn
  • Come up with a collection of your own riffs and licks

This lesson here will explain the basics and the points you need to remember when trying to write your own TAB. The lesson is very straight forward because if you can already read TAB then you’re half way there.

You can access the lesson here – Learn to write your own Guitar TAB

Included in the lesson is a free Blank Guitar TAB Sheet you can download, print out and use straight away for any ideas you come up with.