Most popular guitar lessons in 2012

Happy New Year! If you’re learning guitar then take some time to read through our most popular guitar lessons in 2012. Make it your New Years Resolution to put these lessons to use and you’ll be surprised how much your playing will improve.

Memorize 50 Chords in 10 minutes a day

There’s a reason why this is our most popular guitar lesson: it works. We’ve created a simple plan you can follow to memorize 50 most common open chords in only ten minutes a day. Read through the lesson and give it a go. Check it out here

7 Things you can do today to change your guitar playing forever

There are some things you can do that have a permanent effect on your guitar playing. We’ve found seven challenges for you to try out that will have a massive impact on your guitar abilities. Compared to any other guitar lesson these seven challenges are far more valuable. Don’t just read through them, do them. Check it out here

Simple Exercises for Beginners: Stretch Part One

These finger exercises are one of the most basic exercises on guitar. There’s even a video to show you how it’s done. The exercises are designed to help you stretch your fingers out to make it easier to play chords. Use the exercises as a warm up every day and you’ll find it easy to play any chord. Make it part of your routine. Check it out here

Top 5 Bad Habits to Avoid When Learning Guitar

The three lessons above will help you develop good habits. This article will explain the most common bad habits people develop when learning guitar. Read through the article and make sure you avoid these bad habits. Check it out here


Just starting to learn guitar?

One of the first challenges for beginners is to start learning basic open chords. Countless songs use them so they’re worth spending some time learning. The whole reason this website exists is to help you learn the basics faster. We’ve developed a pack of Guitar Flash Cards containing 50 easy open chords to start you out.

Check out our Guitar Flash Cards here and get yourself a pack. They’re essential for every beginner. It even comes with a 30 Day Guide to help you learn the chords in the easiest way possible.

Good luck in 2013 and keep practicing!