August 2012 Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of chord progressions and keys. If you have trouble answering the questions, try using the following resources:

Once you learn how to figure out the answers to questions like these, you will be able to write songs and jam with other musicians a lot quicker and easier.

Explanations for each question will be provided at the end with your results.

Take the Quiz below

Which chord progression would work in the key of G Major?

If somebody wants to jam with you in the key of E, which chord progression could you use?

You just came up with this chord progression - Gm, Bb, Dm, F - what key is it in?

Sam came up with a chord progression - C Em D G - and thinks the key is C Major. Which chord doesn't fit in the key of C Major?

A friend of yours was trying to write a song in the key of A but feels that one of the chords doesn't sound right. The chord progression is F#m, A, Em, Bm. Which chord is causing the problem?

New lesson: Seven different ways you can play chord progressions

If you’re learning basic chords and how to put together chord progressions, this new lesson will help piece all the different lesson ideas together. How you play chord progressions is often overlooked by guitarists. Many stick to the standard method of strumming which really is the ‘default’ option. This new lesson gives you seven different ways you can play chord progressions which is more than enough to give you fresh ideas for countless songs. The whole idea is to help you learn to find new ways of playing chords and avoid the default (and boring) methods.

Check out the lesson here: Seven different ways you can play chord progressions

The lesson provides examples for each method so you can start applying them straight away. Also included are links to other lessons in case you need to brush up on some technique.