New lesson: Learn how to use chord formulas and the major scale

This new lesson available here will help you learn the basic theory behind the major scale and chord formulas. You will learn to use this theory to figure out the notes in any major scale as well as use chord formulas to figure out any chord. This is a great lesson for anybody wanting to really understand how chords and scales work together.

Here’s some of the things you can do with the material taught in this lesson:

  • Figure out chords you have never seen or played before (eg: do you know how to play C#m?)
  • Work out which chords you can play in a certain key
  • Jam with other players and play the right chords in the right key
  • Figure out the name of a chord off of a guitar TAB
  • Write basic songs that work together
  • and many more ..

Check out the lesson here.