New Guitar Lesson: Create your own rhythm and strumming patterns

This new guitar lesson will explain the basics of rhythm and how you can come up with your own rhythm patterns. The lesson will explain standard notation as well as provide you with a blank rhythm sheet you can print out for your own ideas.

This is a very basic exercise worth learning. Learning to write out rhythm patterns can help you:

  1. Write strumming patterns for chord progressions
  2. Transcribe strumming patterns from songs by ear
  3. Learn to play along with a drummer
  4. Give drummers ideas for beats and patterns
  5. Add an interesting rhythm to your licks and melodies
  6. Write riffs that are focused on a rhythm pattern


You can access the lesson here:

Create you own rhythm and strumming patterns

There are many more things you can do when you develop this skill so check the lesson out and start coming up with your own ideas.