A metronome is the simplest form of a backing track. But don’t be fooled – even though it is simple, it can do wonders to your playing. Many of the lessons will use these tracks here so feel free to use them as often as you need to.

Metronome at 40bpm

[audio:|titles=Metronome at 40bpm|loop=yes]

Metronome at 60bpm

[audio:|titles=Metronome at 60bpm|loop=yes]

Metronome at 80bpm

[audio:|titles=Metronome at 80bpm|loop=yes]

Metronome at 100bpm

[audio:|titles=Metronome at 100bpm|loop=yes]

Metronome at 120bpm

[audio:|titles=Metronome at 120bpm|loop=yes]

Metronome at 140bpm

[audio:|titles=Metronome at 140bpm|loop=yes]

Metronome at 160bpm

[audio:|titles=Metronome at 160bpm|loop=yes]

Although having a real metronome or even a software version of a metronome will be more useful than these tracks, use these tracks as a simple (and free) alternative to help you practice when you need to. Be sure to check out the lessons section and the articles section to find out how to use metronomes in your playing.

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