Backing Tracks

Use these backing tracks with a pack of flash cards

These backing tracks will help you build your sense of rhythm and help you learn your chords faster. Start off with the slow, simple tracks then when you feel comfortable, work your way to the faster and more complicated tracks.

Simple Drum Loops

The backing tracks in this section contain extremely simple drum loops. These are a great tool you can use to learn how to play along with drummers. If you have the 50 Essential Chords Pack, these tracks can be used to help you learn the chords faster and come up with your own chord progressions. Because they only contain drums, you can practice any chords without worrying about ‘playing out of key’.

Metronome Tracks

Using a metronome will help you in many ways at any skill level. Many of the lessons will use a metronome so if you don’t have one you can use the tracks here to develop your skills.

How to make the most out of these Backing Tracks

The tracks in the links above have been created to help you learn chords faster and easier with the 50 Essential Chords Packs. Using the backing tracks with the Flash Cards is a simple yet powerful way to learn to play along with a rhythm which will help you play with real drummers and other musicians.The backing tracks are extremely simple on purpose so you can focus on getting the chords right.

Read more information on the 50 Essential Chords Pack here.