Unsure if a Tempo Music Cards Pack is for you? Hear what some people have to say about them.

My son Steve has wanted to play guitar for quite some time but never had the motivation to actually try it out. I decided to finally buy him a guitar with a few books and came across these cards. Such a great idea – Steve loves them, it reminds him of the memory card games he played in early school years. Steve’s been using the cards for over a month now and they seem to be doing the trick, he’s still motivated and practices often. Thanks.

Anna (York, Pennsylvania, US)


I just want to say this is such a good idea and I wish I knew about it earlier. I have been playing guitar for a few years but never got around to learning many chords. I like the idea that you can take the cards with you to look over.

Matt (Ealing, London, UK)


Hi my name’s Jordan and I have recently retired. With all my extra time now I figured I would have a go learning something new. My son suggested guitar (he’s quite an accomplished player) so I borrowed his guitar and took a few lessons. He gave me one of the 50 Essential Chords packs for my birthday and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much it has impacted my playing. The tips on each card have really helped me think about the chords and what they all mean. Looking forward to any new packs coming out.

Jordan (San Francisco, California, US)


I’m 19 years old and have wanted to learn how to play the guitar for ages. I have seen heaps of books telling you how to play but none of them have ever kept me motivated enough to continue. Seeing this site I like the thought of using something other than a book. Now I have all the guitar chords at my fingertips (with clear instructions about where to put my fingers on the strings) and if I ever feel like it’s too difficult or I can’t be bothered, I just go on the website and the tutorials/tips get me motivated all over again. This is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to play guitar!

Sarah (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)


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