50 Essential Chords Pack


Guitar flash cards pack with 50 essential chords every guitarist needs to know

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Learn 50 easy open chords anywhere & anytime with this pack of Guitar Flash Cards. This learning package includes:

  • 50 Essential Chords Flash Cards Pack
  • FREE EXTRA: 30 Day Guide (Instant Digital Download)

Flash Cards Pack features:

  • 50 Basic Open Chords chosen for beginners
  • 50 Tips and hints to get the most out of your cards
  • Guitar TAB diagrams to help you learn real songs
  • Common finger positions clearly labelled for ease
  • Chord formulas and clearly labelled notes
  • Bonus ‘Games’ and ‘Exercises’ Cards
  • High Quality Cards (Poker sized)

+ FREE 30 Day Guide (Digital Download) features:

  • Nine valuable in-depth lessons to help you learn faster
  • Step-by-step instructions to make everything clear
  • 30 Day Practice Plan breaking down every session
  • 16 Exercises specifically designed for the chords pack
  • Print-outs you can use to build your skills