The resources in this section are the most valuable when used with the Flash Card Packs. Using Backing Tracks and Memory Games are a guaranteed way to improve your ability to learn new chords and develop new skills.

Check out these resources and read the lessons here to learn how to use them.

Backing Tracks

This section contains basic backing tracks you can use to help you develop your rhythm skills. Available at the moment are simple drum loops as well as a simulated Metronome. These backing tracks are a simply way to learn chords faster because they force you to play in time and develop your rhythm ability.

Tips and Games

Flash Cards have a huge advantage over books and chord dictionaries because you can use them in any way you can think of (in other words they’re flexible). The tips and games suggested in this section is a great way to start coming up with simple memory games to help you learn the chords faster. Also, it’s a lot more enjoyable than learning from a dictionary!